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How Massage can help Treat and Eliminate Anxiety and Depression

Massage therapy has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and depression. These conditions can affect a person’s daily life in significant ways.

When anxious or stressed, you tense your muscles and your body becomes rigid and less flexible. Movement is much slower and even painful at times. The use of massage therapy is showing positive results in managing those times when you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and have feelings of fear and unease.

Massage of the muscles and tissues has the opposite effect that stress and anxiety have on the body. It helps it to relax which in turn helps you let go of those damaging thoughts.

When do I need massage therapy?

Massage therapy is used when there is tightness and tension in muscles. This can be caused by anxiety which in turn increases mental stress levels. Massaging the muscles encourages them to relax and the stretching movement relieves tightness or tension, reducing physical stress and relieving pain from tight muscles.

You feel happier and less anxious when you have less discomfort.

Regular massage also improves circulation; it lowerings your racing heart rate and makes you feel calmer.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is the rubbing, kneading, pressing, stretching, or patting of different muscle groups to manipulate the muscles that have become tight.

It works to:

  • ease tension

  • relieve fatigue

  • improve sleep

What can I expect at my treatment?

Some massage therapy is done over clothes and others involve direct contact with your skin, often using aromatherapy oils.

Some of the techniques we use at Healing Ocean specifically for anxiety and depression include:

Swedish Massage - The most common type of massage used in Australia; is recommended for relaxing the body and clearing the mind of fearful thoughts that are experienced in anxiety and depression. The muscles are massaged with long, gliding strokes that increase blood circulation and produce a feeling of well-being and body balance. Sometimes kneading and rolling of the muscles is needed to break up ‘knots’ of tension that have developed. With the use of aromatherapy oils, the skin is left soft and fragrant with the smell of nature filling your senses.

Hot Stone Therapy is another type of massage we use were smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on different parts of the body. Our trained therapists use volcanic-type rocks heated to a safe and comfortable level retaining their heat during the massage. The heat increases the blood circulation which warms muscles causing them to become relaxed. The pressure the therapist may need to use to relax the muscle is also better tolerated.

Reflexology - the treatment of reflex points in the feet to bring about relief from a range of ailments. The study of reflexology has produced the knowledge that reflex points in the feet correspond to different areas in the body. Massaging certain areas in the foot produce reactions in corresponding which have been found to produce a healing effect of that area. Many times anxiety and depression can be linked with the discomfort of a body system such as menstruation pain. With treating this body system through the reflex points, anxiety is minimized as pain relief is achieved. Many times anxiety and depression can be a result of an imbalance of hormones often seen in ladies going through menopause. Hormones are chemicals produced in our bodies to control processes vital to health and well-being. All our therapists are trained and experienced in techniques that are beneficial and comfortable. Our techniques at our clinic ensure you have a pleasant experience.

According to the Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel, massage stimulates the production of good feeling hormones that contribute to feeling well and happy. These chemicals can improve brain activity and improve the quality of your sleep.

Anyone struggling with high blood pressure, tension headaches, and migraines (often from unmanaged anxiety) can benefit from regular massage.

An interesting fact has been shown in studies in many countries across the world - there is a decrease in feelings of boredom with massage treatments. This is having a positive effect on improving anxiety levels and lifting the mood.

In summary

Massage therapy is the time for you to enjoy mind-clearing, gentle music - relaxing you as you close your eyes and let our therapists ease your cares away. You will go away with less anxious thoughts and more feelings of calm. Relaxing your body relaxes your mind too.

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