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Trigger Point Massage

Healing Ocean is pleased to offer professional trigger point massage in Townsville. Trigger point massage is a type of remedial massage that releases trigger points in the body in order to relieve pain, increase range of motion, and release stress and tension. 

What is a trigger point?


Often referred to as a ‘knot’, a trigger point is a specified point of tight muscle fibres on tender muscle tissue that is painful on compression. Furthermore, these trigger points can cause pain in other areas of the body. 


Every muscle has potential trigger points that may become activated by a range of factors such as inflammation, infections, or muscle overuse. Almost everyone has trigger points, however, the degree to which they affect daily life varies widely. 

Some trigger points cause constant pain and can interfere with sleep, whilst others only cause pain during activity. Some are only felt when the muscle is palpated by the therapist.

What is trigger point massage?


Our massage therapists are highly trained for trigger points massage in Townsville. They easily identify trigger points in the body and can identify which muscle groups are causing your pain. 


Sometimes the pain you are experiencing in an area of the body is actually caused by a trigger point elsewhere. Our therapists will ask you questions and use their expert knowledge of referral patterns to identify your trigger points. 

Once trigger points have been identified, pressure is then applied over these points using the therapist's thumb, elbow, or knuckles to reduce the muscle tightness and any associated pain. The therapist will continue to apply pressure until you can feel the pain easing.  As you begin to feel relief, the therapist will also feel the tissue change as the trigger point eases. 


For best results, regular sessions are encouraged. 

Who is trigger point massage good for?


As mentioned above, most people have some activated trigger points, however, the people who will benefit most from trigger point massage are those who are experiencing pain as a result. If you are experiencing muscle tightness, tension, or pain then there is a good chance that trigger point massage can help you. 


Trigger point massage benefits


The primary benefit of trigger point massage is to relieve pain and/ or tension in specific areas of the body. As a result, you may experience relief from headaches, sciatica, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or knee pain to name just some of the areas it can help. 


As well as easing your tension and pain, trigger point massage can promote increased range of motion, and provide stress relief. Furthermore, it increases blood circulation, helps to rid the body of waste products, and helps to breakdown adhesion and scar tissue. 

Trigger point massage in Townsville


Our massage therapists are highly experienced in identifying trigger points and providing relief through trigger point massage in Townsville. Our patients have experienced excellent results for a range of pain conditions. If you want to learn more about how trigger point massage can help you, or to book your appointment, then please contact us today. 

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