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Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth, heated stones that are placed on the body during the massage. This helps to reduce stress in the muscles and provides a healing effect. Healing Ocean is pleased to offer hot stone massage in Townsville, carried out by our highly trained and experienced massage therapists.

What is hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is a specific type of massage that helps to release tension and ease soreness in the muscles. It is a very old technique that has gained popularity in recent years for its many benefits.


Volcanic basalt stones of different sizes are heated to just the right temperature for maximum impact and safety without causing discomfort to the client.


The stones are placed on specific areas of the body, where their heat warms and relaxes the muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure without causing any discomfort. The stones are moved around during the massage to heat up different areas of the body. 

A hot stone massage can be a full body massage or focus on a specific area such as the back, legs, stomach, face, hands, or feet. Once the hot stones are on the body, the massage therapist will use a range of Swedish massage techniques such as long strokes, kneading, and rolling to relax the muscles and draw out any tension. 


Who is a hot stone massage suitable for?


Anybody can benefit from a hot stone massage in Townsville. A hot stone massage is deeply relaxing, so it is beneficial for anyone who wants to relieve their mind and body of tension and stress. It is also comforting for people who tend to feel cold. 


Furthermore, people with a range of conditions including back pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia often find that they benefit greatly from this technique. Hot stone massage may also help those suffering from various painful conditions, arthritis, or hypertension.

Hot stone massage benefits


One of the primary benefits of a hot stone massage is the release of tension and pain in the muscles due to the massage techniques and the heat from the hot stones. It also promotes blood flow to the area being massaged and may help to reduce muscle spasms and improve range of motion and flexibility.

A hot stone massage is also good for the mind, helping to reduce any feelings of stress and anxiety, and replacing them with a calm mind. Furthermore, it may help to improve sleep. 


There is also some evidence that hot stone massage can help to ease the pain associated with various conditions including fibromyalgia. It may also help to ease pain and improve the range of motion in those suffering from arthritis. Furthermore, hot stone massage can improve circulation and give the immune system a boost.

Hot stone massage in Townsville


At Healing Ocean we are pleased to provide hot stone massage in Townsville city centre. Our therapists are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable, and can tailor the experience to your desired outcomes. Book an appointment today to experience the deeply relaxing results for yourself. 

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