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We provide many type of massages style to suit your need 



By applying different amount of pressure of the feet, you will experience relaxation and healing effect to the corresponding area of the body.

Trigger Point Massage

It focuses on releasing the trigger points in your body, there are tight knots that develop in muscles that often cause pain in multiple areas of your body. This massage will release tension and stress in your body. The pain will be relief and the ration of motion will be increased.


Sports Massage

It focuses on muscle manipulation to help treat sport injuries and/or muscle strains. We will stretch, stimulate and release your muscles. Both your soft tissues and muscle will be improved through the massage and help you to reach your fitness goal.

Swedish Massage

It designed to bring relaxation to your body by rubbing your muscles with long and gliding strokes. The massage will increase your blood circulation to help restore your balance and health.


Hot Stone Massage

It involves heated smooth stones travel and place on your body. The radiation of stones allows your muscles and soft tissues to reduces stress and enhance healing effect.  

Custom Massage Style

We create and mix different massage styles to suit your need and requirement

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