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Sports Massage


Healing Ocean offers professional sports massage in Townsville to treat sports injuries and muscle strains, promoting faster recovery and helping you to achieve your fitness goals faster. As well as treating injuries, sports massage helps to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries in the future. 

What is a sports massage?

Sports massage can be specifically tailored to your needs based on the sports that you participate in and any particular injuries you may have endured.


It aims to reduce the tension and stress that can build up in soft tissue, improving the overall condition of soft tissue, as well as stretching tight muscles and stimulating inactive muscles.


The overall goal is to improve your performance and help you to achieve your health, fitness, and sports goals.


Who can benefit from a sports massage?


Athletes can take benefit from sports massages in Townsville at the healing ocean. Sports massages are extremely beneficial to athletes of all levels. Whether you are a highly experienced elite athlete or want to become one, or you simply enjoy playing football on the weekends, sports massage can be very helpful. Even if you are new to the world of health and fitness, sports massage is for you.


Of course, this is a particularly useful massage if you are suffering from a sports injury as it will help to promote a faster recovery. However, sports massage also helps to prevent injuries and produces a range of benefits that help you to achieve your fitness goals. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait until after an injury to get a sports massage.


Sports massage benefits


As well as promoting a speedier recovery from sporting injuries and helping to prevent injuries in the future, sports massage offers a range of benefits. For example, it helps to prevent muscle soreness after exercising, and increases your performance and endurance, helping you to exercise more efficiently.


In addition, sports massage may also help to improve range of motion, circulation, lymph flow, blood pressure, and heart rate. 


The difference between remedial massage and sports massage


A sports massage involves the same techniques as a remedial massage, and many of the benefits are the same. For example, both types of massage improve circulation and range of motion. 


The difference with a sports massage is that it is completely tailored to the sports that you partake in, the muscle groups involved, and the specific stress that the sport places on those muscles. A good sports massage therapist will take the time to understand what sports you partake in and what your goals are, and have the necessary knowledge to tailor the massage to your needs.

Sports massage in Townsville 


Healing Ocean is pleased to offer sports massage in Townsville to a range of athletes from various disciplines. Our diverse range of sports massage clients experience excellent benefits due to the knowledge and experience of our therapists, and the time, care, and attention that we place on understanding your needs.


Give us a call or come and see us in Townsville city centre today to find out how we can help you. 

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